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Nanobubble technology

Our technology partners Newmantech Co. Ltd, South Korea is the owner of IPR of a proprietary Nanobubble Generation Technology that relies on application of shear force to the flowing gas-liquid mixture, which after coming in contact with a specifically designed surface, encounters a velocity gradient due to the boundary layer effect, and gets continuously split into nanobubbles.

Generated Velocity gradient by shear force at interface

Splitted Bubbles by shear force

Currently developed nanobubble generator is applied to 0 ~ 1 recycle considering economical efficiency and bubble size is 500 ~ 800nm.

Nanobubble generator (Q=5~10㎥/hr)

Nanobubble (confocal microscope)


Nanobubble size (pixelation)

■ Nanobubble characteristic

Nanobubble are gaseous cavities with diameters smaller than 1μm and larger than 1nm.
The bubbles of smaller size rise slowly in water. Thus, nano-sized bubbles remain stable very long time in water and do not float on the surface. The submerged nanobubbles continuously deliver their gaseous contents (such as air, oxygen, ozone) to the water.

Underwater behavior of nanobubble and microbubble

Nano bubbles reduce the surface tension at the bubble - water interface.When nanobubbles are used with anionic surfactants, surface tension is further reduced. Therefore, the requirement of surfactants, which are harmful to humans is reduced considerably by using nanobubbles technology in the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The cosmetics are pharmaceuticals produced using nanobubbles technology are safer for human use.

Effect of nanobubble on surface tension

Nano bubble characteristic test

Large capacity nanobubble generator